BBL vs. IPL in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Considering cosmetic treatments to help treat skin imperfections, such as sunspots, acne, discoloration, or the signs of aging? Then, you’ve likely checked into BBL (broadband light therapy) and IPL (intense pulsed light). These two remarkable rejuvenation techniques both promise amazing results – and deliver! 

What Is the Difference Between BBL and IPL?

What’s in a name? Both procedures offer similar results. The difference is that BBL uses broadband, or multiple light wavelengths to accomplish sensational results, while IPL utilizes intense pulsed light, or a single, focused beam.

BBL is better for larger areas or broad concerns, while IPL works best on precise, targeted areas. Both stimulate collagen production from within to help beautify from inside out.

What Do BBL and IPL Feel Like?

Both treatments have been described by patients as feeling like a rubber band being snapped on their skin. You may experience mild discomfort, though some report no pain at all. There is no downtime after either treatment, so you can immediately resume most normal activities.

When Will I See Results From BBL or IPL?

You will start to notice improvement within one week of treatment. Your skin will continue to improve over time as new collagen is formed and your skin is healed. Full results are typically evident within three to six months after either BBL or IPL.

Am I A Good Candidate for IPL or BBL?

You might be a candidate for IPL or BBL if you want to improve your skin and have realistic expectations about treatment results. Talk to your dermatologist about whether BBL or IPL is right for you to help you achieve your ideal image with one of these amazing procedures.

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