Mohs Immediate Aftercare

Mohs Immediate Aftercare

After a Mohs surgical procedure, you may or may not undergo a repair. The repair process to mend the wound left by the Mohs surgery.

Several options and reconstruction options do exist, and instructions for post care or aftercare are different depending on which surgical Mohs approach Dr. Cronin and her surgical team conducts.

Dr. Cronin and her skilled medical team will provide you with detailed instructions to follow at home, and it’s important you do so in order to enhance your healing and final outcome. These instructions will include:

  • Information about when to change bandages and how to clean the surgical site
  • Medication information about prescription or over-the-counter pills or topical ointments
  • A timeline for when you can return to certain activities, such as wearing makeup or exercising
  • A schedule of follow-up appointments to remove any stitches and monitor your healing
  • Recommendations for treating your Mohs surgery scar to ensure it heals and fades quickly

Because American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) surgeons perform the procedure in an outpatient setting using only local anesthesia, immediate recovery generally involves little more than resting and simple wound care.

Very few MOHs patients may experience mild discomfort, bleeding, redness, or inflammation, but these are generally temporary and very easily manageable.