Psoriasis Specialist

Psoriasis Specialist in Chevy Chase

Visiting a psoriasis specialist helps diagnose and manage this unpleasant condition.

Whether you’re seeking a diagnosis or treatment, a psoriasis specialist can help you with anything and everything psoriasis.

Why Choose a Psoriasis Specialist?

Understanding your diagnosis, triggers, and treatment options are all things a psoriasis specialist will help you with. It can be difficult to live with the physical discomfort of psoriasis, as well as the emotional / mental effects of this condition.

But together, you and your psoriasis specialist can combat the symptoms to make living with it more manageable.

What Treatments Does a Psoriasis Specialist Offer?

While there’s no cure for this condition, there are plenty of treatment options on the market in order to manage your psoriasis.

No case is exactly alike, and your psoriasis specialist understands that, customizing treatment exactly to your needs. Topical and oral medications, light therapy, injections, and more are available.

When Will I See Results From a Psoriasis Specialist?

This is entirely dependent on the treatment route you and your psoriasis specialist decide is best for you.

Flare-ups and other symptoms may still arise from time to time, but with accurate and proper treatment, your psoriasis will be easily managed before you know it.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Psoriasis Specialist?

 Anyone is a good candidate for a healthy, comfortable life free from the symptoms of psoriasis.

If you or a loved one has received a psoriasis diagnosis, or believe that psoriasis is likely, visiting a specialist can make a difference in your quality of life.

Where Is the Best Place to Find a Psoriasis Specialist in Chevy Chase?

Here at Cronin Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, Dr. Hyland Cronin specializes in an array of psoriasis treatment and management plans, providing you the tools necessary to break the hold psoriasis has on your life.

Contact us today at 301-986-1880 to book your consultation to see how our team can help you live a happier, healthier life with psoriasis!