5 Benefits of Seeing a Dermatologist Chevy Chase

Did you know there are benefits to seeing a dermatologist in Chevy Chase regularly? Unfortunately many people think a trip to the dermatologist is an unnecessary extra step. But, you would be pleasantly surprised how much a qualified dermatologist in Chevy Chase can improve your skin health.


One of the top reasons people visit the dermatologist is acne. Pimples and blackheads are frustrating on their own, but throw in the fact that they leave scars on your face and you get a very embarrassing situation for both teenagers and adults. Your local dermatologist in Chevy Chase can help treat your acne with oral or topical medications as well as other treatment options for minimizing breakouts and reducing acne scars.

Aging Skin dermatologist chevy chase

From the moment we are born, our skin begins aging. By the time we reach middle-age, or before for some people, lines, wrinkles, bags, large pores, poor skin texture and sagging skin affect men and women. Fortunately, Dr. Cronin has years of experience and knowledge of the best products and treatments to restore your youthful glow. In fact, she recently received Washingtonian’s 2022 Top Doc Award!


Scars can be a huge source of discomfort and self-consciousness, especially those on the face. Whether from acne, injuries, surgeries or more, a dermatologist in Chevy Chase can advise you on the best treatments to reduce and eliminate your scars and stretch marks.

Skin Care

With so many products on the market all claiming to the be the best, it can be overwhelming to find something that actually works for your skin. However, an experienced and knowledgeable dermatologist can evaluate your skin and offer expert advice on the best products for your unique skin.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer screenings are an essential part of early diagnosis and treatment. Your local dermatologist can perform these screenings. Additionally, if you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your dermatologist can discuss the best treatment options with you.

Top Dermatologist Chevy Chase Maryland

Make regular dermatology visits a part of your life and watch how your skin thrives. To schedule an appointment, please contact Cronin Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center today.