Mohs surgery Chevy Chase

Why You Should Choose Mohs Surgery in Chevy Chase for Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery is currently the most effective treatment for skin cancer. Not only is Mohs effective, it also has the least potential to leave unflattering scars.

Here’s why to choose Mohs surgery in Chevy Chase, what to expect, and where to find the best provider.

What Is It, and Why Should I Choose Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery in Chevy Chase is a procedure that is so effective that it has a 99% success rate. It works by identifying the cancerous area, and surgically removing it layer by layer.

Each layer of skin is microscopically inspected before moving onto the next layer, until healthy skin is reached. This level of precision and care is why the procedure is so effective and has such a high rate of success for treating skin cancer.

What Should I Expect Before, During, and After Mohs?

Most Mohs surgery is performed under local anesthetic. That means you’ll be awake during the procedure and have less recovery time afterwards.

You’ll want to avoid any medications and supplements that have blood-thinning effects for seven days beforehand.

During the procedure, the first step is to numb the area and remove the malignant cells. This can be a lengthy process, but it is efficient, thorough, and effective, so it’s worth it. Once the surgeon has removed all of the tumor, the reconstruction begins to ensure the least scarring possible.

You should have minor or no pain after surgery and may experience swelling or bruising for a couple of days. The healing time depends on the type of reconstruction, whether sutures, skin grafts, or granulation, and range between a week to three months.

Where Can I Find the Best Skin Cancer Specialist for Mohs Surgery in Chevy Chase?

Dr. Hyland Cronin at the Cronin Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center has extensive experience performing successful Mohs surgeries and would love to help ensure you have a compassionate, caring experience.

Contact us today at 301-986-1880 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cronin to learn whether you qualify for Mohs!