Skin Cancer Specialist in Chevy Chase

Why Your Skin Cancer Specialist in Chevy Chase Should Be a Dermatologist

When it comes to skin cancer, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the best treatment for you.

Here is why you should find a dermatologist if you are looking for a skin cancer specialist in Chevy Chase.

You Can Be Sure They Have the Best Knowledge, Education, and Training

While a nurse practitioner or a general practitioner can be very skilled, they look at things in a more general manner.

A dermatologist has the training and experience to know how to specifically diagnose and treat skin conditions. They can also help figure out if skin cancer is damaging the rest of your system.

A Dermatologist Takes a Comprehensive Approach

Skin cancer such as melanoma can present in a number of different ways, and an experienced dermatologist is able to look at all your skin and understand how it all relates to your skin cancer.

They can also assess the severity of your skin cancer and coordinate if you need any other types of specialists.

If your case becomes complicated, your dermatologist may refer you to a dermatological oncologist or a plastic surgeon.

You Can Often Receive In-Office Care Instead of Being Sent Out for Testing and Procedures

Not only is a dermatologist skilled in skin cancer diagnosis, but they can treat some forms of skin cancer in the office.

Thanks to their experience, dermatologists can take a biopsy and excise any cancerous or precancerous concerns with very little fuss. Luckily, many types of skin cancer are very treatable when caught early.

Know Where to Find the Best Skin Cancer Specialist in Chevy Chase

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