Scoop on Laser Skin Resurfacing in Chevy Chase

Lasers are used for many types of cosmetic services including laser skin resurfacing.

So, how does laser skin resurfacing work, and why should you get it? Here is what you need to know about laser skin resurfacing in Chevy Chase.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Offers Many Benefits

These treatments can improve your skin in a variety of ways. Beyond just improving the appearance of fine lines and scars, lasers can correct hyperpigmentation, skin tone, and skin elasticity.

While some laser treatments only lightly affect the skin, these treatments affect several layers of skin.

There Are Several Types of Laser Resurfacing to Consider

If you are considering skin resurfacing, you should know that there are two types. There are erbium lasers and carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers.

CO2 lasers typically target deeper into the skin than erbium lasers do, while erbium lasers typically have a shorter recovery period than CO2 lasers do. The one you choose will depend on factors like the color of your skin and the level of change you want.

Recovery Is Key

It’s important to follow all post-treatment instructions given to you by your provider. The target area will be treated with a non-stick dressing for about a day after your procedure.

After this, you will need to clean the treatment area several times a day before applying a moisturizing cream. All of this will prevent the formation of scabs.

Know When to Avoid Skin Resurfacing

While many people qualify for laser skin resurfacing, unfortunately, there are those who are not ideal candidates.

You will likely not get the results you want if you have deep wrinkles, severe skin laxity, or aggressive acne. But, before you determine whether or not you’re eligible, book a consultation with a skin resurfacing specialist to determine whether you qualify.

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