There are around 5.4 million skin cancers diagnosed each year in the United States. When it comes to removing skin cancer with precision and efficiency, Mohs Micrographic Surgery stands out. Let’s delve into the benefits of Mohs Surgery for skin cancer removal near Chevy Chase.

Precise Tumor Removal

Mohs Surgery is renowned for its precision in eliminating cancerous cells layer by layer. This ensures that the surgeon removes the tumor while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. This procedure is best for delicate areas, such as the face, where preserving surrounding tissue is vital for both cosmetic and functional reasons.

High Cure Rates

One of the biggest advantages of Mohs Surgery is its consistently high cure rates. By examining tissue in real-time during the procedure, Dr. Cronin can precisely identify and remove cancerous cells. This reduces the likelihood of cancer recurrence, with a 99% cure rate.

Cost Effective

The high cure and low cancer recurrence rates means that Mohs surgery is also cost-effective. Patients save even more because Mohs is generally performed in an outpatient setting.

Minimal Impact on Healthy Tissue

Traditional surgical methods might require larger margins around the tumor, leading to the removal of more healthy tissue. Mohs Surgery, however, minimizes the impact on surrounding healthy tissue. This promotes better cosmetic outcomes and preserves the functionality of the treated area.

Skin Cancer Removal Chevy Chase

If you’re seeking effective skin cancer removal near Chevy Chase, Mohs offers unparalleled benefits. Its precision, high cure rates, cost effectiveness, and minimal impact on healthy tissue make it a top choice for individuals prioritizing both the successful removal of skin cancer and optimal aesthetic results. Contact Cronin Dermatology today to find out if Mohs is the right option for you.