Skin Cancer Doctor in Chevy Chase

Invented by Dr. Frederic Mohs in the 1930s, Mohs surgery has become widely known for having a high success rate of up to 99% in the treatment of many types of skin cancers.

Your skin cancer doctor in Chevy Chase, Maryland may recommend this treatment for you. If so, here are some facts you should know about this innovative skin cancer surgery.

Mohs Surgery Removes Cancer One Layer at a Time

Your Mohs surgeon begins by removing the visible skin cancer and a small area of surrounding skin. That tissue is examined under a microscope. If cancer cells are detected other than in the visible layer, another layer of skin will be removed.

This process continues until cancer cells are no longer detected. Because the surgery is done in stages, it allows your surgeon to target the exact area and amount of skin cancer. The surgery is done this way to preserve as much healthy skin and tissue as possible.

While Mohs Is Effective, It Does Take Some Time

If you are scheduled for Mohs, prepare for it to take a bit of time. While in some cases it can be done rather quickly, there are situations where it can take hours. Don’t worry though. Your skin cancer doctor in Chevy Chase, Maryland will take great care to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Skin Cancer Can Return After Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer just like any cancer can, unfortunately, recur. After Mohs surgery take steps to reduce your risk of recurring skin cancer by avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, diligently using sunscreen, and wearing protective clothing.

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