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Are you familiar with Pro-Nox Anesthetic Chevy Chase, Maryland? While it’s not a direct alternative to anesthesia, this system uses 50/50 inhaled oxygen and nitrous oxide to provide fast-acting pain relief. Therefore, it’s often used during surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Sound intriguing? Keep reading to learn if Pro-Nox Anesthetic is a good option for you.

What is Pro-Nox Used For?

So, why use Pro-Nox? Well, here at Cronin Dermatology, we use Pro-Nox Anesthetic for a variety of procedures including surgeries and laser treatments. Not only is it somewhat of an alternative to anesthesia, but plenty of studies show that it’s an effective and non-addictive way to comfort patients.

Generally, surgeries require a topical or injected numbing product like Valium or Vicodin. However, Pro-Nox eliminates the need for injection numbing. And because Pro-Nox makes the procedure significantly more comfortable, the provider doesn’t have to stop to relieve patient discomfort.

How Does It Work? pronox chevy chase

Pro-Nox is a natural blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous analgesia, and it’s self-administered by the patient through a valve inhalation system. (The system only delivers the gases when the patient inhales.) During the procedure, the patient holds the disposable mouthpiece and hose and inhales the nitrous oxide. That way, they’re in complete control of how much (or how little!) nitrous oxide is used.

Who Is It For?

Wondering if you’re a candidate for Pro-Nox Anesthetic Chevy Chase, Maryland? At Cronin Dermatology, we recommend Pro-Nox for patients who:

  • Are drug adverse
  • Have to drive themselves home
  • Wish to be alert after the procedure
  • Want to manage their pain and anxiety

Pro-Nox Anesthetic Chevy Chase, Maryland

On the hunt for a dermatologist that offers Pro-Nox Anesthetic Chevy Chase, Maryland? Here at Cronin Dermatology, we use Pro-Nox for a wide variety of treatments and procedures. Stop by our office or contact our team to discover whether it’s right for you.