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Nowadays, skincare advice is everywhere. With so much information out there, how do you know who to trust?

Dr. Cronin has been consistently voted Top Doc by the Washingtonian, President of the Washington Dermatologic society and is one of the best cosmetic dermatologist Chevy Chase. In today’s blog post, she’s revealing five necessary questions to ask a potential dermatologist.

Questions You Should Ask Your Cosmetic Dermatologist

Want to know what to expect and get the best results from your procedure? Ask the best cosmetic dermatologist Chevy Chase the following:

1. With My Skin Type, What Should I Watch Out For?

Regularly checking your skin for potential signs of cancer is necessary to maintain your health. This includes paying close attention to new moles, lumps, or growths. Be particularly vigilant if they change size, shape, or color or start bleeding.

Additionally, see a dermatologist specializing in Mohs surgery if you notice rough or scaly red patches with a crust, bleeding, or wart-like growth.

2. What Should I Be Doing to Prevent Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer, a threat to one in five Americans, requires a two-pronged approach to prevention. Regular skin checks by a dermatologist provide invaluable early detection. And daily application of SPF 15+ sunscreen shields the skin from harmful UV rays.

3. How Should I Formulate My Specific Skincare Routine?

Skincare is different for everyone. Ask your dermatologist for the best products tailored to your needs. And if you suffer from acne, they can help identify potential triggers.

4. How Can I Slow Down Signs of Aging?

Treating a problem sooner rather than later is generally preferable. A cosmetic dermatologist can advise you on the best timeline for lasers, injectables, creams, and other treatments.

5. What Would You Recommend?

We love this question! Your cosmetic dermatologist can use this to understand your concerns and recommend treatments. (It can also prevent future problems from occurring.)

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