MOHS Surgery in Chevy Chase

MOHS surgery in Chevy Chase is the most effective way of treating most basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. These re the two most common types of skin cancer. MOHS is an effective way removing all cancerous cells for the highest rate of cure. Here’s what you need to know about MOHS surgery in Chevy Chase.

What is MOHS Surgery?

MOHS Surgery began as a technique called chemosurgery. It was developed by Frederic E. Mohs in the late 1930s but was not widely recognized. However, in the 1960s Dr. Perry Robins studied the procedure with Dr. Mohs and brought the technique to NYU. There, he established the first fellowship training program to teach dermatologists how to perform this type of skin cancer surgery.

Why is MOHS the Best? MOHS Surgery in Chevy Chase

Mohs surgery is performed in stages, all in one visit. After removing a layer of tissue, the surgeon examines it under a microscope. If cancer cells remain, the surgeon knowns the exact area where they are and removes another layer of tissue from that area. Then, the process is repeated until no cancer cells remain. This allows the surgeon to spare as much healthy tissue as possible while removing all the cancerous cells.

The Procedure

During your appointment, the surgeon will exam the spot and prepare for the surgeon. Then, your surgeon removes a thin layer of visible cancerous tissue. While you wait for the lab analysis, your wound is temporarily bandaged, and you can relax. After the microscopic examination, the surgeon will determine if you need another layer of tissue removed. This process is repeated until there are no longer cancer cells visible under the microscope.

Once you reach this stage, the surgeon will repair your wound and finish up. This process can take a while, but it is worth it. This technique is precise and has the highest cure rate of any treatment method. Additionally, it saves the greatest amount of health skin and leaves the smallest scar possible.

MOHS Surgery in Chevy Chase

Mohs surgery is performed by specially trained doctors. When performing this surgery, the doctor must fulfill three roles. First, the surgeon removing cancerous tissues. Second, the pathologist analyzing lab specimens. And third, the surgeons closing or reconstructing the wound. Not every dermatologist can perform MOHS surgery. However, Dr. Hyland Cronin is trained to perform MOHS surgery in Chevy Chase and surrounding areas. Contact Cronin Dermatology today to learn more.