Same-Day Dermatology Appointments Chevy Chase

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and like any other part, it can develop issues that need attention. While most skin problems don’t require immediate care, there are times when urgent attention is necessary. Cronin Dermatology offers same-day or next-day appointments in Chevy Chase, Maryland. for situations where prompt care is needed. If you believe your skin problem requires immediate diagnosis, give them a call—they can usually accommodate patients requiring urgent assistance.

Skin rashes can result from various sources, such as bug bites, allergic reactions to plants, animals, foods, or other allergens, and infections. While patients often know the cause of a rash or irritation, there are cases where symptoms develop without a clear reason.

Some rashes or skin issues can cause significant discomfort through itching, burning, or pain. If over-the-counter products aren’t effective, or symptoms worsen, it’s likely time to have the affected area examined promptly.

Conditions like dry, painful, itchy skin, blisters, rashes, and sores can be extremely uncomfortable. Scratching can lead to infections, and untreated infections can escalate into more severe problems. Getting rapid attention from a dermatologist can help prevent complications. At Cronin Dermatology, same-day or next-day appointments in Chevy Chase, Maryland are typically available with our PA-C, Cassandra Rullman. Rullman has been practicing in Dermatology since graduating from PA School. She has been trained in dermatology and cosmetics exclusively and has become highly skilled in managing a variety of common and uncommon dermatologic disorders and skin cancers. We understand that skin issues can disrupt daily life.

Urgent Dermatology Care for a New Skin Rash

Same-Day Dermatology Appointments Chevy Chase

Several skin conditions might require urgent dermatological care. Here are some that may need prompt attention:

  • Cellulitis: This condition shows up as red, blotchy skin, often with dimples or blisters. The affected area might be swollen and tender or painful to touch.
  • Eczema: Characterized by dry, itchy patches on the skin. These patches can range from red to brownish-grey or dark hues. Small bumps may develop and can ooze if scratched. Persistent scratching may lead to raw, sensitive skin.
  • Impetigo: Manifests as small red spots typically around the nose, mouth, hands, or forearms. These spots can blister and burst, forming sores. The infection may spread to other parts of the body.
  • Poison oak/ivy/sumac: Causes intense itching, hives, swelling, and redness or red streaks. Blisters often appear in streaks or lines, burst, and then crust over.
  • Ringworm: A fungal infection that spreads from person to person. Athlete’s foot is a common form of ringworm. It can affect any part of the body, typically presenting as ring-shaped flat areas with a raised, scaly border. Lighter skin shows a red rash, while darker skin may develop a brown or grey rash. In some cases, it can cause severe itching or pain.
  • Shingles: This condition starts with a painful burning sensation or numbness. Shingles typically affect one side of the body, leading to a red, itchy rash after initial symptoms. The rash forms blisters, which crust over after they break open.

Early diagnosis and treatment of these skin conditions can ease discomfort and prevent further complications. While same-day appointments can’t always be guaranteed due to demand, we always strive to accommodate urgent cases as quickly as possible. Here at Cronin Dermatology, we offer same-day dermatology appointments in Chevy Chase, Maryland to help get our clients treatment quickly.

Same-Day Dermatology Appointments in Chevy Chase, MD

If you have a rash or skin condition that is causing tremendous discomfort or looks infected, call Cronin Dermatology. We may have an opening or be able to give you an appointment for the next day.