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Many people will diet, work out, or test niche products to make their body goals a reality. However, those techniques don’t always work out the way we’d like them to. When traditional methods fail, people turn to cosmetic dermatologist in Chevy Chase.

If you aren’t sure what we mean by that, then today’s blog post is for you. In just a few minutes, we’re going to explain exactly what cosmetic dermatology is and what a cosmetic dermatologist does. Stay tuned!


What Is Cosmetic Dermatology? cosmetic dermatologist chevy chase

Cosmetic dermatology aims to enhance one’s physical appearance using medical treatments or minimally invasive surgical procedures. Essentially, a cosmetic dermatologist (Chevy Chase, Maryland) is a board-certified skin doctor who helps his/her patients transform the parts of their body that they are unsatisfied with.

Overview of Services

Cosmetic procedures eliminate any problems that prevent you from looking/feeling your best. Here are some popular treatments:

Laser Treatment

Laser surgery introduces controlled injury to the skin (via a powerful beam of light) that induces inflammation and corrects skin flaws as a result.

Botox Injections

This FDA-approved treatment injects Botulinum toxin into the facial muscles. This paralyzes the muscles and reduces the appearance of frown lines and forehead wrinkles.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use exfoliating agents (tretinoin, trichloroacetic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acids) to remove the skin’s outer layer. This stimulates tissue renewal, which results in younger-looking skin.

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